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About Course

Tableau software is data visualization product focused on business intelligence. It is an interactive data visualization tools that enables you to create interactive and apt visualizations in form of dashboards, worksheets to gain business insights for the better development of your company. It allows non-technical users to easily create customized dashboards that provide insight to a broad spectrum of information.

Tableau exposes all the different elements of a chart that can be manipulated to come up with a display that helps to find solutions to business problems

This course focusses on teaching Tableau software features in depth. You learn data entry, retrieval, management, mining and report writing using various SAS features.


Features & Benefits


- 20 hours of online instuctor led training or classroom training
- Taught by Industry experts
- More practical then theoretical. There would be lots of hands on practice sessions 
- Real world case studies

Is it good for me?

Tableau is perfect for non-techies who are not familiar with the intricacies of coding but wish to visualise and get insights into business data. Also great for pro-coders for fast prototyping and small customers' projects.

Mode of Delivery

Online instructor led sessions and Classroom training

Duration and Schedule

Duration: 5 weeks
Duration of class: 2 hours
Days: Saturdays & Sundays

Course Fees

INR 19,500 inclusive of taxes

Course Contents

Chapter-1: Introduction to BI, Visualization, and Tableau

* Spheres of analytics
* BI & Reporting
* Why Visualization?
* Why Tableau?
* Tableau Product Line
* Tableau Environment, Architecture & Components
* Level setting terminologies
* Tableau Interface
* Visual cues for fields
* Fields in the data window
* Fields on shelves
* Tour of Shelves
* Basic connections
* Dimensions and Measures
* Basic Charting
* Saving and file formats

Chapter-2: Talk to Tableau

Tableau generated fields
* Measure names
* Measure values
* Number of records
* Latitude and longitude

Data Preparation
* Analysing Data
* Tableau Data Re-shaper
* Connecting to Files / Databases / Servers
* Advanced connections (Joins, Live / Extracts)
* Editing Data Connections and Data Sources
* Replacing data sources
* Using and Refreshing Extracts
* Data Blending

* Using Show, Me!
* Dual Axis / Synchronize Axis
* Multiple Measures Combo Charts with different mark types (bar-in-bar)

* Playing with colors, sizes, tooltips, labels
* Transparency Highlighting

Titles, Captions, Headers Effective usage
* Edit axes
* Format results with mark labels and annotations

* Filter shelf
* Quick filters
* Measure filtering
* Dimension filtering
* Advanced filtering
* Filtering conditions
* Cascading

* Ascending / Descending
* Advanced techniques
* Dimension and Measures
* Table calculations
* Trend lines
* Drop lines
* Actions (worksheet & dashboard)
* Replace References
* Discrete versus Continuous

* File formats
* Packaged Workbooks
* Sharing Workbooks Publish to Reader / Office / PDF / Tableau Server
* Sharing over the Web

* Tableau's Mapping Capabilities
* Advanced Mapping Techniques
* Background Images
* Map Data & Pan/Zoom
* Lasso & Radial Selection
* Custom Geo-coding

Chapter-3: Advanced Functionalities and Engaging with Tableau

* Calculated Fields
* Bins
* Totals and Subtotals
* Sets
* Dashboard Formatting
* Granularity, Interactivity, Intuitiveness
* Parameters

Chapter-4: Advance Charts & Visualization

* Combined axis charts
* Combo charts – bar and line or mixed mark
* Pie charts, Heat maps, Scatter plots, Bins, Histograms, Box plots – box and whisker diagram or plot, Gantt bar chart, Pareto Charts, Sparklines, Waterfall Charts, Density Chart, Bump Charts, Funnel Charts, Bollinger Bands, Treemaps, Word Clouds, Bubble Charts
* Motion charts – working with Page Shelf and History, Bullet graphs

Chapter-5: Analytics with Tableau

* Forecasting
* Reference lines
* Reference bands
* Trend lines
* Statistics Calculations

Chapter-6: Analytics with Tableau

* Dashboard Distribution & Security
* Describe the security configurations for:
* Site level, Project level, Group level, User level
* Enable/disable Guest User
* Data source level, Workbook level
* Adding Users, License level, Admin level, Publisher level
* Permissions
* System permission composition
* Viewer / Interactor / Default license levels

Chapter-7: Dashboard Building & Story telling

1. Employee & HR related Datasets & dashboards

2. Marketing related dataset & dashboard

3. Digital marketing campaigns analytics

4. Retail & e-commerce dashboard 

1. Resume preparation

2. Interview questions preparation

3. Interview cracking tips

4. Helping with the current opening

5. Making your profile better for maximum calls 


Career Options

* Data Analyst

* Tableau Developer 

* Business Analyst

* Business Intelligence Tableau Analyst

* Analytics Consultant


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